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“If exercise could be purchased in a pill, it would be the single most widely prescribed and beneficial medicine in the nation.” —Robert H. Butler




Gyms are a community of people from all walks of life coming together to improve their health and well being. The gym is a stress release, a place where we can set new goals, think, plan and build a strong body. We are all different and there is no one perfect answer to suit everyone's fitness goals. That’s why we believe in online coaching, this way we get to know your challenges, and fitness habits to work with you in developing priorities and set goals. Online coaching is new, exciting and great for the open-minded individual who needs the expert advice and happy to train solo. 


What do you get:

  • Ongoing support, helping you work towards your goals

  • A tailored approach just for you

  • The skills you need to take control of your health

  • A variety of exercises to help you find what you like

  • Help fitting exercise into your life

  • An approach that’s effective because it’s based on scientific evidence

  • A collaborative approach

  • A friendly face (With our video calls)


Training at the gym is hard work! However, with the right support and advice, most people do grow to love training.


Our goal is to help you find a healthy balance with movement!

This button will take you to our new website, Flex & Feed. Please see the different rates depending on the time of booking and services. For online coaching, simply select an online coaching fee once you've decided between on/off-peak options. 

  • Value for money when compared with face to face training. e.g when I was training clients in person I was charging $120 per hour, now you can train many days per week and at fixed rate.

  • Great support

  • Flexibility

  • Can commit more time to development

  • Large focus on progressive programming

  • Large access to resources 

  • Heaps of tools for learning opportunities

  • May feel more accountability with the program and regular contact

  • Great if you can't find an experienced trainer close to you

  • No in-person coaching

  • No hands-on cueing for form correction 

  • May have a lower feeling of accountability

  • required use of phone data & internet data

  • may not always get a response immediately depending on when and how you ask a question

  • Need to be comfortable with phone and computer tech applications

  • More challenging learning curves (pro & con)​


We want to acknowledge that online training isn't for everyone and we only want to help those who are truly suited to this option.


Check out the pro's and con's below to help guide your choice and decide if you are part of our very specific target market...

Online Fitness Trainer/ Coach​

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