The best personal trainer I've ever had. Makes training fun as well as getting good results. Once you've trained with the best you won't want the rest.


 It's evident that Brendan's passion lies within health and well-being. Brendan is a great trainer, pushed me beyond my limits both physically and mentally. Highly recommended!


Exceptional personal trainer! Pushes you past your limits and always achieves great results. Always switches up sessions to keep it fun and keep you motivated! So much passion for it, he is the best of the best!


Brendan is  committed to clients reaching their goals and will help you all the way!!! Looking forward to continuing my training with Brendan.


Brendan is one of the most experienced and committed trainers around! Brendan is focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every session a challenge and fun! My fitness has increased and I am progressively lifting heavier weights and can push myself harder through a session with his help. He always ensures my technique is correct, is reliable and punctual with a planned session each time!Training with Brendan is my favorite part of the week!


A world of knowledge and an exceptional human! Such fun and diverse training sessions every time. Always catered for my injuries and sporting goals. Thanks Brendan.


Brendan is a tremendously professional trainer who is very knowledgeable and conscientious. The sessions are always prepared with my goals in mind and over the months I have seen some great results. Of all the trainers I've had, Brendan is the first to have found the perfect middle ground between friendly/approachable and tough/uncompromising. Do yourself a favor. If you put in the effort and you follow the plan, you will see great results.


I thought I would only need you to push me that little bit further and take measurements for my progress and goals however, I got much more out of our sessions than merely being ‘pushed’ and the advice I took away I will adopt for life. During our sessions you would push me past my mental barriers where I had to rely on body and will power to get through sets. This was mind blowing as I thought I trained very hard in the gym by myself. Even though I didn’t adopt every bit of advice I applied most and I was able to drop from 17% body fat down to 12% in 8 weeks which I thought was an achievement in itself and also highly motivating.

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